Standards of Care

These standards are compiled by a work-group comprising of the grantee's clinical quality management team, members of the Continuum of Care Committee, the Planning Council, Part B State representatives, and the support office. All standards have been reviewed and approved by the planning council.

Each year, the Continuum of Care Committee and planning council review and revise service standards, which identify minimal targets providers must meet in order to serve Ryan White Part A (formerly Title I) clients. Once standards are approved by the council, they are posted on the Planning Council Information Portal by category and on the planning council website page.

If you are a provider and want to know what standards are in effect based on your individual contract agreement, contact your project officer with the Part A Grantee.

To download and choose the service category you want on the Planning Council Information Portal, click the Documents link on that page to open the standards of care.

Important Notes

All providers are required to review HRSA policy clarification notices regarding eligibility as they arise.

All Core Medical and Support Services standards were updated in 2017.

Universal standards were approved by the planning council in March 2018.

Core Medical Services

Support Services

Universal Standards

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