Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission
The mission of the Greater Baltimore HIV Health Services Planning Council is to provide comprehensive, high quality services to PLWH/As in the greater Baltimore eligible metropolitan area (EMA) regardless of their ability to pay.

The planning council will plan for and ensure access to culturally sensitive, high quality, cost-effective services in collaboration with local authorities, providers and consumers of HIV-prevention and care services. The planning council and its advisors will act in a timely and unbiased manner when setting priorities to allocate resources.

Our Vision
The Greater Baltimore HIV Health Services Planning Council will promote a responsive system of excellent, holistic care and prevention services by encouraging balanced participation of professional consumer partners enlightened by trends in the HIV epidemic and ensuring that the needed services are developed and sustained to keep pace with the HIV epidemic.

Our Values
The planning council's mission and vision reflect the values shared by the council and its committee members, support staff, grantee staff, the administrative agent, care providers, consumers and other stakeholders. Those shared values include:

  • PLWH/As must be in care.
  • Consumer participation is essential.
  • Provider and collaborator participation is essential.
  • Care quality is essential.
  • Responsiveness to the epidemic is essential.
  • Resources must be used cost effectively.
  • Decisions must have a rational basis.

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