Community Bulletin Board


The Resurgence of HIV/AIDS Among Men Who Have Sex with Men - December 1, 2009

National Conference on African Americans and AIDS: February 22-23, 2010

Regional Advisory Committee meeting calendar for March, May, September and October


Southern AIDS Coalition - 2010 HIV/AIDS Health Care Policy Brief and Recommendations

HRSA Update - Ryan White Continuing Resolution

Greater Than project (mobilizing black americans campaign)

Reyataz and Sustiva Co-Pay Benefit Program

Action Against AIDS Campaign

Maryland Scientist Dr. Robert Gallo to Receive Top International Honor

Funds available for HIV-related equipment purchases and training

Maryland Affordable Health Care and Services brochure

Current News

HRSA H1N1 Guidance

BBC News HIV vaccine reduces infection

HIV Vaccine Shows Promise for First Time, Study Shows

Maryland will trim aid for local services

Preventing HIV transmission with antiretrovirals

Scores turn out for Cardin town hall meeting on health care

Structure of HIV genome 'decoded'

JACQUES Initiative joins Maryland AIDS Administration to extend HIV testing to the faith-based community

Africa city care questioned

Religions unite in AIDS fight

Women 'naturally weaker' to HIV

South African AIDS activist Ngubane dies

Kennedy's Health Care Plan gets Frosty Reception from GOP

Arundel Hones Suburban Strategy on HIV/AIDS

New Campaign to Refocus National Attention on the HIV Crisis

Awareness Campaign on HIV/AIDS Begins

Children Act as Caretakers for Those Dying of AIDS in South Africa

DC HIV/AIDS Rate Hits 3 Percent

HIV Gene Therapy

Rapid HIV Evolution Avoids Attack


ARV Reference Charts

HHS clinical guidelines, including a series of tables on adverse events, drug interactions, and dosing issues

Free HIV/AIDS Medical Journals

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This bulletin board is for the free posting of events or announcements for the Baltimore EMA HIV/AIDS-infected and -affected community. Though the posting of information to the web will be done by the planning council support office, the entities submitting the documents are herein referred to as the �posting parties�; event information or announcements are herein referred to as �fliers.�

Fliers will remain on the bulletin board for as long as seems appropriate to the planning council support office staff or until the posting party requests removal. Commercial advertising is prohibited.

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In cases where a flier pertains to an event with a specific date, it can be posted to both this bulletin board and the events calendar.

The Greater Baltimore HIV Health Services Planning Council and InterGroup Services reserve the right to refuse the posting of fliers it deems inappropriate or irrelevant to the HIV/AIDS community.

Submtting a Posting
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-Date to post and remove.

Fliers must be submitted in portable document format or PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc) or as JPEGs (.jpg).
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Your submission of an electronic flier to InterGroup Services or the planning council, whether intended for the community bulletin board or not, constitutes your permission to us to post it to the community bulletin board. Specific permission will not be requested by us to you.

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