Committee Descriptions

The planning council is composed of six standing committees, all of which have representation from the affected/infected community, and an Executive Committee:

Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC)
This committee's responsibilities include:

  • Developing the planning council's three-year comprehensive plan for HIV service delivery.
  • Collecting, analyzing and reporting data related to the Baltimore EMA to identify trends and needs to be addressed in planning.
  • Overseeing procedures and developing recommendations for the prioritizing of HIV services and the allocation of funds.

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Continuum of Care Committee (COCC)
This committee's responsibilities include:

  • Developing/enhancing standards of care for the provision of core medical and support services.
  • Providing technical input and recommendations to the planning council on the service delivery of core medical and support services.
  • Editing final directives from priority setting and resource allocation events.

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Fiscal Committee (formerly Evaluation Committee)
This committee's responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing procedures to assess how grant funds are spent and the efficiency with which the grantee allocates funds to areas of need within the Baltimore EMA.
  • Making recommendations to the planning council on the reprogramming of funds.
  • Developing carry-over requests of Ryan White Part A dollars.

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Nominating Committee
This committee's responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining planning council membership.
  • Overseeing planning council elections.
  • Monitoring attendance and verifying conflicts of interest of planning council and committee members.
Members of this committee are elected by the council. Because this committee reviews confidential material, meetings are closed to non-committee members.

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People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A) Committee
This committee's responsibilities include:

  • Providing guidance to the planning council and other committees on service delivery of core medical and support services based on documented need of PLWH/As.
  • Creating position papers on emerging issues within the community.
This committee welcomes all community members who are HIV positive.

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Executive Committee
As specified by planning council bylaws, the Executive Committee is composed of the planning council chair, vice chair, chairs or representatives of each standing committee, PLWH/A members at large and representatives from the grantee, state Ryan White Part B and D programs. This committee's responsibilities include:

  • Acting on behalf of the council in the event of an emergency that does not permit a full planning council meeting to be convened. All actions of the Executive Committee are subject to ratification by the council at its next regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Setting the agenda of the full planning council meeting.
  • Receiving major deliverables and overall activities of each committee and discussing their readiness to be moved to the planning council for review and/or approval.
  • Overseeing the development of the planning council bylaws.
  • Overseeing the grievance and internal complain process as outlined in the bylaws.

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Planning Council Support Office

The planning council's administrative affairs are managed by:

The Office of Policy and Community Engagement
1001 E. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

Phone: 410.396.1646

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