Comprehensive Plan 2009 - 2011 Archive

Comprehensive Plan for HIV Health Service Delivery in the Baltimore EMA: 2009-2011.
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Front Matter [3.5 MB]
Cover Page
Production Notes
Table of Contents
Letters of Welcome and Concurrence
Introduction [200 KB]
Executive Summary
Section 1: Where Are We Now?
Chapter 1: Baltimore EMA in Comparative Context [732 KB]
Chapter 2: Comparative Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in the EMA [3.2 MB]
Chapter 3: Assessing Need in the Baltimore EMA [688 KB]
Chapter 4: Addressing the Needs of PLWH/A [624 KB]
Chapter 5: Barriers to an Effective Continuum of Care [432 KB]
Section 2: Where Do We Need to Go?
Chapter 6: The Ideal Continuum of Care [308 KB]
Section 3: How Will We Get There?
Chapter 7: Strategic Plan to Achieve the Ideal Continuum of Care [1.2 MB]
Chapter 8: Partnering to Achieve the Ideal Continuum [244 KB]
Section 4: How Will We Monitor Our Progress?
Chapter 9: Evaluating Progress on the Strategic Plan [168 KB]
Appendix A: FY 2008 Service Provider Directory [1.6 MB]
Appendix B: Maryland HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Profille (12/31/07) [4.5 MB]
Appendix C: Maryland's Medical Assistance Programs [540 KB]

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